Adaptive Star Axiom Strollers

Adaptive Star Axiom Strollers are an alternative indoor/outdoor approach to mobility solutions rain or shine, easily gliding through grass, gravel, over curbs and sand.  Adaptive Star’s adaptive strollers are designed to be more than just a convenient mobility pushchair providing families and caregivers the opportunity to go from outdoor excursions to indoor appointments and everything in between with ease. Adaptive Star believes in going out and making a difference in how their products can positively affect individuals with special needs so no one has to be defined by a diagnosis.  

Designed for use as an indoor/ outdoor mobility system, these chairs offer several options, custom features and accessories to choose from to meet your individual needs while providing a non-medical appearance and will take you where no other ability pushchair can follow. Properly-fitted, Adaptive Star’s mobility push chairs will provide years of comfortable use. As your child grows, refer back to the Fitting Guide to adjust the dimensions of the chair. Correct seating and positioning encourages good posture, which in turn aids circulation, breathing and digestion. 

The mission at Adaptive Star is to fulfill the dreams of families with products and services that benefit their daily lives. The popular Adaptive Star Axiom Improv Indoor/Outdoor Mobility Stroller takes the concept of the jogging stroller and gives families opportunity to see life from a new perspective of fun, comfort, and adventure. The therapeutic environment of the outdoors breathes joy into families.
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