Adaptive Wheelchair Support

Adaptive Wheelchair Support Attachments - Fixed and Adjustable, assist in customizing the support of any wheelchair, enhancing patient comfort by providing patient stability and balance. Our Wheelchair Supports act as positioning aids for the neck, arms, legs, back, trunk and more and are available in a multitude of sizes, styles and colors.

Flip Down Abductor Pads are used to position the legs out of adduction and into better alignment providing improved weight-bearing, balance and stability. The Fixed Hip And Thigh Supports support and facilitate thigh alignment, stabilizing sitting posture and preventing hip abduction, while the Lateral Support Pads increase the user stability and balance. Adaptive Wheelchair Trunk Supports are essential for good respiration and provide support of the torso for improved overall function and positioning. Our Adjustable Head And Neck Adaptive Wheelchair Support attachments are medical devices designed to provide mid-line positioning assisting in supporting and holding the head and neck upright.
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