Ocelco has many add-ons for your walking aid. The add-ons personalize your walking aid to your specifications and needs. Ocelco’s add-ons make shopping, traveling and walking easier. With these add-ons that Ocelco offers your mobility is endless.

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Price: $7.21
Walker Extention
Price: $52.73
Walker Extentions 2 Ea. Swivel Wheel & 2 Ea. Glide Brake Attachments
Price: $26.70
Walker Attachments, 5" Gray Rubber Auto Stop Wheels For 1" Tubing
Price: $8.93
Drive Mobility Hooks are a convenient way to hang anything from your walker or rollator.
Price: $18.99
Knee Walker Cushion Covers are soft, breathable woolette covers that cushion the knee for all-day comfort, evenly distributing pressure to relieve knee, leg and hip pain and fatigue.
Price: $20.52
Memory Foam Knee Walker Cushions provide exceptional cushioning, evenly distributes pressure and minimizes fatigue in hip, knee and leg while protecting against irritation from friction caused by normal movement.