Air Mattress - Pump And Accessories

Air Mattress - Pump And Accessories when used in conjunction with one another as a system are designed to be used in the prevention, treatment and management of Pressure Ulcers. Individual bubble cell mattresses and quiet pump technology deliver superior therapeutic treatment alternating which of the individual 130 bubble cells are inflated or deflated every 5 minutes, never placing too much pressure on any affected area. The portable non-powered, lightweight custom foam mattresses have multi-celled adjustable air cells that are able to be cleaned with antibiotic soap and water. 

We offer a multitude of Alternating Pressure, Variable Pressure and Fixed Pressure Pumps to be used with our many available mattresses. The Fixed Pressure Pumps provide a uniform firmness across the air cells as they inflate and deflate, while the Alternating Pressure Pump alternately inflates and deflates pad air cells. Replacement parts and accessories such as pumps, bladders, filters, covers and carrying bags are available for many of our air mattresses.
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Price: $83.01
Med Aire alternating pressure pump systems provide alternating pressure and are designed to be used in the prevention of Pressure Ulcers.
Price: $83.03
Variable Pressure Pump ONLY for 206-162
Price: $64.15
Fixed Pressure Pump ONLY for 206-163
Price: $17.12
Replacement Filters for Economy Med-Aire Pumps
Price: $22.65
Replacement Bladder ONLY for 200-875
Price: $25.52
Replacement Bladder w/Laser Holes ONLY for 200-875
Price: $143.94
Quilted Mattress Cover Only for StarMatt
Price: $85.71
Carrying Bag for StarMatt