Pill Crushers

Ocelco provides Items which are included in our range of patient aided products include Pill Crushers and our heavy duty Pill Crusher is the ideal choice for nursing homes and hospitals, while the hand held Pill Crusher is just as suited for the individual who is involved in home care, at there own home, or in hospitals as well. In addition to the Pill Crushers, our pill management category includes products such as pill counters, mortars and pestles, diabetic syringe organizers, pill ejectors and pill organizers. When patients are unable to swallow pills, the Pill Crushers will crush the pills which allow the medication to be added to food or liquid, allowing for easy consumption. However, before utilizing the Pill Crusher, it is vital to ensure that the pills can be safely crushed, as certain medications lose their potency when crushed. The Ocelco website has posted a webpage on the vital information regarding pill crushing, which can be viewed on the Ocelco website, www.ocelco.com.

The Pill Crushers were developed to allow pills to be crushed into a fine powder and added to the foods or liquids consumed by patients. Included in our range of Pill Crushers is the Polycarbonate plastic Pill Crushers, which are priced at just $46.95, while the sturdy die-cast metal Pill Crushers are offered on the Ocelco website for $59.40. Since the die-cast metal Pill Crushers are manufactured in durable metal, they are the best choice for use in hospitals, nursing homes as well as pharmacies and the Pill Crushers can be easily mounted to medicine carts as well as table tops to allow for easy and effective pill crushing. The die-cast metal Pill Crushers have a sturdy construction and to this end, the Pill Crushers are able to offer years of trouble-free use and will quickly reduce pills to powder, as needed.

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To view the full features of all the Pill Crushers sold via the Ocelco website, feel free to visit our site and in addition to Pill Crushers, be sure to view the full range of other Pill Management items, such as medicine dispensers, pill counters, spillters and organizers. Ocelco has recently introduced a completely new range of patient aided items to their inventory. Pill Crushers are used extensively in nursing homes and hospitals to allow pills to be taken easily and effectively, whether you are looking for the tough die-cast Pill Crushers or the Polycarbonate Pill Crushers, our range of crushers are available at the best prices guaranteed.