Battle Creek Equipment Products

Battle Creek Equipment Products are professional-quality products that provide natural comfort and deliver drug free total pain relief and relaxation. The many different styles of Battle Creek Ice It! Packs are designed for either cold or hot therapy treatments and have heating instructions printed right on them to make use as a hot therapy product as simple as possible. Battle Creek Equipment's Fleece Covers for Thermophore Pads are available in many different sizes to fit the multitude of Thermophore Heating Pads.

Battle Creek Equipment Ice It Cold Packs with Cover and Strap have their own soft wrap pocket for your neck,wrist, knee, shoulder and back. Position on desired area and secure with adjustable strap. The deluxe wrap absorbs moisture while allowing cold to reach the affected areas. Purify the air you breathe and remove up to 99.97% of common household airborne allergens with the Battle Creek Equipment Replacement Filter Packs, available for several models of the Hunter Air Purifier.
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Battle Creek Equipment Thermophore Automatic Moist Heat Pack, Petite - 4" x 17"