Bed Rails

Bed Rails for Hospital Beds

Our hospital bed rails are recommended for any patient that will be getting in/out of bed by themselves because they will be able to reach the release to drop the rails when exiting bed. In addition, patients that don't move around in bed too much are candidates for half-length bed rails.

The design offers added protection to traditional bed rails by closing up the open area that used to occur with the bed in the fully articulated position. The spacing between the crossbars reduces entrapment hazards. The Rails attach to the head spring section of the hospital bed and move with the positioning of the head.

Choose from our variety of bed rails which includes, half bed rails, full bed rails, T-style, no-gap and telescoping bedrails. We have full and half rails for hospital beds and home style beds. Super Poles and the Modbar will give you the stability you need without an institutional look. Call our customer service center for questions.
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Price: $85.71
List Price: $159.00
You Save: $73.29 (46%)
Price: $100.75
Tool-Free Adjustable Length Home-Style Bed Rail
Price: $77.57
The Drive Medical Half-Length Siderail's unique design prevents individuals from being lodged between bars.
Price: $81.85
The half length "T" style bed rails by Drive Medical offer ideal, maximum protection without confining the patient.
Price: $83.93
The ProBasics Half-Length Bed Rails are recommended for any patient that will be getting in/out of bed by themselves because they will be able to reach the release to drop the rails when exiting bed.
Price: $59.95
List Price: $159.00
You Save: $99.05 (62%)
Price: $160.42
Smart Rails moves to center your gravity safely- no twisting and reaching needed. There are two different positions for support: Open (for standing support) and Closed (for in-bed positioning).
Price: $94.86
Telescoping Full Rails - fits Standard 7/8" Tubing
Price: $120.15
30" Safety Half Length Bed Rails can be placed on either side of the bed and prevents falling from bed and con be used for assistance to sit up in bed.
Price: $147.88
Standers EZ Adjustable Bed Rails allows for use as both a bed rail to prevent falling out bed or as a hand rail to assist in getting out of bed.
Price: $110.91
Bed Canes secure to any home or hospital bed with included safety strap, includes 4-pocket organizer pouch. Bed Canes are adjustable in height to fit your mattress.
Price: $92.42
Bedrail Advantage Travelers fold for travel or storage and are excellent for bariatric use supporting 400 lbs.
Price: $186.81
For use with mattress and boxspring type bed. HandiRail Half length bed rails are supplied with two HandiRail Straps.
Price: $27.14
Stand Assist BedCaddies makes sitting up in bed easy with a ladder-like design. Stand Assist BedCaddies installs and removes in seconds, no tools required.
Price: $332.50
The SuperPole system should only be installed between floors and ceilings of solid construction or injury may result. The SuperPole system should not be installed on loose floor coverings, in rooms with radiant ceiling heating, in mobile homes, or in suspended or angled ceilings.
Price: $149.17
Super Bar add-ons unlock and pivot freely to move with you step-by-step, yet locks every 45 degrees to assist with standing and sitting.
Price: $80.36
Increases SuperPole from 99" to 121"
Price: $139.00
The AssistaRail is an "inverted U" style bed rail for home beds, providing a unique combination of occupant safety and in-bed mobility.