Bemis Suction Canister Line Accessories

Bemis Suction Canister Line Accessories And Hardware are available to allow the ease of use and convenience of Bemis canisters in virtually any facility. Specimen Collection Adaptors for Bemis Suction Canisters are designed for single use  and are compatible on most all Bemis canisters and liners. We offer Transport Trays to make the process of transporting suction canisters safe and convenient. 

Bemis Suction Canister Line Accessories And Hardware include a Wall Plate and a variety of Plastic and Wire Rings for Wall Plates for 800cc,1200CC, 2000CC and 3000cc canisters. Hardware also include wire and metal regulator mounts for variable suction canisters as well as the Metal Regulator for Bracket/Handle for Roll Dolly Stands and Quick-Connect Regulator Mount for 800cc Canister. a variety of Single, Two and Four-Liner or Canister Stopcock Manifolds are available to choose from. Several options of male or female NPT, DSS with or without tubing bars to meet your specific connection needs. Four-Canister Hi-Low Stand and Eight-Canister Quick Adapter along with single or double-roll Dollies are also available to assist with storage and transfer needs and requirements.
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