Chair Exit Alarm - Parts / Accessories

Chair Exit Alarm - Replacement Parts / Accessories provide top-of-the line methods of patient monitoring for staff to use to ensure the patient's safety. Ocelco offers a variety of chair exit alarm options and upgrades such as Alarm Pads, Pull String Alarms, Basic And Advanced Fall Alarms and The Ultra Exit Alarms. The Universal Chair Exit Alarm Pads are available in 45-day or 1-year variations and are compatible with most brands of fall monitors. No more wondering when pads need to be replaced. 

Ocelco Seat Belt For Fall Alarms come in two styles, both of which work with either the Ocelco Basic Alarm or the Ocelco Advanced Alarm. Quality replacement parts and accessories such as the Magnet Assembly for Ocelco String Alarm, Shock Absorber for Ocelco Exit Alarms, AC Adaptor for Ocelco Advanced Alarm and the Universal Mounting Clip for Head and Footboards for Ocelco Exit Alarms are all available to ensure you are always able to keep your chair exit alarm in dependable working order.Exit Alarm sensors and quiet notification systems are especially helpful for high risk patients or highly active patients to allow a quick response and are are essential for successful, well-run facilities giving confidence to both caregivers and patients.
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Price: $66.05
List Price: $79.99
You Save: $13.94 (17%)
Price: $36.82
The Basic fall monitor is an excellent entry level upgrade from string fall monitors.
Price: $50.09
The New Advanced Fall Monitor has many features including: Hi/Lo/Remote alarm volume, 0-2 second alarm delay and Optional AC adapter.
Price: $24.98
Both styles of seat belts work with either the Ocelco Basic Alarm or the Ocelco Advanced Alarm.
Price: $16.96
A new unique alarm tone provides differentiation from other alarms in the facility, such as door or wandering alarms.