Drive Medical Patient Room Accessories

Drive Medical Patient Room Accessories / Equipment are both adaptable and functional, although not completely necessary, will greatly improve your patient / caregiver environment in many different ways. Patient and family friendly, flexible and responsive furnishings, create a comforting effect in your patient's room keeping patients and families connected while providing places of work and spaces for conversation.

Considering the needs, comfort, and convenience of patients and families, Drive Medical Patient Room Accessories and equipment are adaptable clinical and administrative product solutions that include Bed Patient Alarms With Pads, Pull Cord Alarms, Foot Stools,Telescoping I.V. Poles, Physical Therapist Stools, a variety of Overbed Tables, Goose Neck Exam Lamps, Drive Full Body Slings, Drive Trapeze Base and Bar, Drive U-Slings With Head Supports, Mayo Instrument Stands, Hamper Stands, Drive Hip-High Chairs,Three Position Recliners, and Clinical Care Recliners, Drive Manual or Electric Patient Lifts, Stand-Assist Lift, and Drive Free Standing Trapeze. Patient - focused units give caregivers more time to spend with patients and less time handling materials. Color, lighting, and materials can soften the clinical and institutional feel often associated with patient units, creating comfortable surroundings that add a level of familiarity to the patient's experience.
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Price: $21.02
Pull Cord Alarm
Price: $40.91
Magnetic Pull Cord Alarm, Cord Adjust form 28" to 58"
Price: $51.11
Universal Telescoping I.V Pole
Price: $56.39
Safety-Bar Footstool
Price: $109.14
Drive Trapeze Bar Only, Silver Vein Finish
Price: $116.74
The Drive Sensor Basic Alarm is used with a sensor pad to staff that a patient is about to wander. Drive Sensor Basic Alarms are pressure sensitive.
Price: $150.00
List Price: $337.97
You Save: $187.97 (56%)
Overbed Tables for Lift Chairs are designed for use with a lift chairs, recliners or couches that pivots 360 degrees at the touch of a hand.
Price: $627.45
List Price: $1,287.00
You Save: $659.55 (51%)