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Drive Medical Pressure Prevention

Drive Medical Pressure Prevention Products / Systems are engineered to redistribute pressure, maximize stability, reduce shear and help prevent pressure injuries, improving patient outcomes. Pressure sores can arise on any area of the body but are most common along bony spots that are not well protected by muscle, fat, or other tissue padding.

Sustained Skin pressure and circulation loss is usually a result of serious immobilization caused by conditions such as paralysis, injury illness or obesity. Drive Medical's range of pressure management products  and systems including cushions, mattresses and pads affords a level of pressure management to reduce the potential of pressure injuries. Replacement parts such as  a variety of Pressure Pumps, Filters, Bladders and Fill Hoses are also available to keep your Pressure Prevention System and / or products in good working condition.
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Price: $18.93
Replacement Filters for Economy Med-Aire Pumps
Price: $28.20
Replacement Bladder ONLY for 200-875
Price: $32.80
Replacement Bladder w/Laser Holes ONLY for 200-875
Price: $49.86
Drive Medical Gel-Foam wheelchair cushions provide comfort and support for the wheelchair bound patient.
Price: $54.94
Drive "E" Gel Wheelchair Cushion - 18" Wide x 16" Deep x 3" High
Price: $55.41
Pressure reducing wheelchair cushion designed to assist in the prevention of pressure sore ulcer.
Price: $75.51
Fixed Pressure Pump ONLY for 206-163
Price: $89.39
Fill Hose for 206-623
Price: $94.07
Drive "E" Gel Wheelchair Cushion - 22" Wide x 18" Deep x 3" High
Price: $96.98
Variable Pressure Pump ONLY for 206-162
Price: $100.48
Med Aire alternating pressure pump systems provide alternating pressure and are designed to be used in the prevention of Pressure Ulcers.
Price: $103.59
Drive "E" Gel Wheelchair Cushion - 24" Wide x 18" Deep x 3" High
Price: $144.92
Pump Only for 206-155
Price: $418.93
Med Aire 5" Low Air Loss Pump & Mattress System
Price: $525.17
Mattress Only for 206-155

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