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ERGO Shower Chairs and Accessories

ERGO Shower Chairs and Accessories
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Price: $3,081.58
ERGO VIP Shower Chairs have a ergonomic design encouraging a more upright and stable seat position. A new tilt motion, shifts center of gravity without use of a gas cylinder.
Price: $188.06
Soft Seat Inserts slip into commode opening of the standard soft seat overlay or the hard seat on the Ergo shower chairs. Closes off opening for showering or more comfort during prolonged sitting. Will not fit smaller hygiene overlay. Easily installed and removed.
Price: $188.06
Soft Seat Inserts slip into the commode opening of the soft seat overlay or the hard seat on the ERGO shower chair. Closes off opening for showering or more comfort during prolonged sitting. Easily installed and removed.
Price: $232.84
Small Soft Seat Overlay have a smaller opening than the original seat. Beneficial for smaller adults. Lays on the seat, no tools needed for installation. Provides some cushioning for prolonged sitting. Easily removed for cleaning.
Price: $232.84
Soft Seat Overlays have a keyhole cutout opening that matches the opening in the hard seat on the chair. Lay the overlay on the seat, no tools needed for installation. Provides some cushioning for prolonged sitting. Easily removed for cleaning.
Price: $127.87
Snap On Calf Straps help keep feet and legs from falling behind the footrests. It snaps onto the legs of the Ocean or ERGO shower chairs, below the seat. Easily installed and removed without tools.
Price: $137.70
Splash Guards clip onto Ergo hard seat. Diverts or delects urine stream into toilet or commode pan. Provides dignity for male users by visually blocking view when sitting in chair. Easily installed without tools.
Price: $149.18
Safety Support Bars fit across the from of shower chairs. Metal bar with foam grip surface, attaches to shower chair arms with rubber straps. Unsnap a strap to allow the bar to be easily moved to one side for transfers.
Price: $174.63
The hard backrest provides sturdy back support for the Ocean shower chairs. Replace the adjustable sling upholstery with a solid plastic back plate. Clip onto the back frame, no tools necessary. Can be mounted high or low depending on need or comfort. Easy to clean and dry, will not absorb moisture. There are no crevices to hold water. Fits all Ocean models except for XL. Fits ERGO models except XL models.
Price: $52.94
Seat Belt Extenders mount between the belt and the chair or lift to add up to 6" additional length, Each set contains 4 straps and hardware. Adjusts in 1" increments.
Price: $189.55
Padded Chest Belts include hardware to mount to chair frame. You may need to pull an upholstery strap to the inside of the back frame to make room on the frame to mount at the desired height.
Price: $189.55
Padded Seat Belts includes hardware to mount to chair frame. Consistent with recommendations for disinfection, Bodypoint sewn products can be machine washed with detergent in hot water (60ºC/140º F) and tumble dried or line dried.
Price: $253.73
Adjustable tube for head support pads. Adds 5" of height to the head support. Tube only, Universal mount, use pad from original head support or accessory neck or headrest pads.
Price: $280.60
Pair of tubes that mount on front or back of ErgoVIP or ErgoDual frame. Anti-tippers prevent the chair from tipping backwards when in tilt or recline position, or going forwards when leaning forward. Includes mounting hardware.
Price: $320.90
A gel cushion seat, horseshoe-shaped, that fits the hard seat of the Ocean or Ergo shower chairs. Provides additional support for sitting for extended periods of time. Adhesive-backed, hook and loop strips included attaching to the seat.
Price: $334.33
The variable seat will replace the hard seat and overlay that come with the Ocean or ERGO line of shower chairs. Mounted on the seat frame, it allows the opening to be positioned front, back, or either side. Keyhole opens to edge to provide access for toileting or cleaning. Note you cannot use the calf support with this seat.
Price: $343.28
3-panel pillow with mesh cover sits on shower chair seat to give more cushion behind the back. Can also be used if the seating area is too big. Does not attach but simply sits behind the user and pads back and sides.
Price: $438.81
Calf support for Ergo and Ocean Shower chairs, This will replace the left or right foot support on the chair. It is height adjustable in the hanger using the blue clip. The pad can be slid along the lower tube for the best length, The lower tube is angle adjustable to the plane of the seat. the assembly will swing away for transfers.

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