Floor Scale - Digital or Dial

Floor Scale - Digital Or Dial full body, low profile weight management scales are of the highest quality, most reliable and are ideal because they can be easily tucked away in small spaces under a bed, in a closet or a bathroom. We offer a wide variety of both digital and dial scales offering weight increments in pound or Kilogram increments, both with weight capacities options up to 440 lbs / 200 kg.

Our available floor scales range from a simple basic Square Dial Scale displaying weight in pounds to our more advanced digital Escali Body Fat and Body Water Scale providing a high tech analysis of the fitness level of the user. With the multitude of options and the variety of features our scales have to offer such as round or square dial or digital display, pound and or kilogram measurement, plastic or glass platform with color choice to name a few, you are sure to find the perfect scale to meet your needs.
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Price: $24.98
Digital Bathroom Scales feature step-on activation and a convenient auto-off function to preserve battery life and are rigorously tested and FDA approved to ensure each scale accurately measures up to 330 pounds.
Price: $39.27
Digital Body Fat Scales accurately measure body weight, body fat, muscle mass, bone density, water weight and BMI to easily track your health.