Folding Walker And Accessories

Folding Walker And Accessories - Drive Medical Design folding walkers fold for travel or storage, making things more convenient for seniors and / or those with limited mobility. Many of the two button release folding walker options 
have an easy-to-locate/use red button release can that can be operated by fingers, palm or side of hand. Other Drive Medical Folding Walkers are equipped with the dual palm release feature which is ideal for individuals with limited finger dexterity. The Palm release feature "pops-up" when the walker is open. We also offer several single- button release options allowing quick, one-hand folding as well dual paddle release options. Our assortment of Drive Medical Folding Walkers are available in adult, junior or bariatric with or without wheels.

Drive Medical Design assortment of accessories allow you to customize your folding walker to make it best suitable to meet your particular needs. Our assortment of available folding walker accessories include Glide Covers, Glide Skis, Glide Caps, Walker Wheels, Replacement Pads for the Tennis Ball Glides, Basket Clip-on With Plastic Insert Tray, Walker Extension Legs With Or Without Wheels, Wheels With Glide Brakes, and a Walker Forearm Attachment designed for those who are unable to grip the walker.
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Price: $15.32
Universal 5" Walker Wheels w/Rear Glide Caps, "Two Sided" Positioning Holes
Price: $39.58
Walker Folding Temco
Price: $89.08
Walker Adult Red Dot Folding
Price: $127.92
Drive Bariatric Side Walker, 500lbs Cap.