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Forearm Crutches

Forearm Crutch

Forearm Crutches are shorter than standard walking crutches, with a cuff that goes around the forearm for added support and stability. Instead of being positioned under the armpit, forearm crutches distribute weight in the arms. This unique style is designed for comfort and convenience. The smaller size and lighter build make them more portable for those able to use them. Excellent for use during physical therapy and physical rehab, forearm crutches can be much easier to use than walking crutches but do require more arm strength.

Forearm Crutches may be preferred over the arm crutches or walking crutches because of their easy handling and smaller size.
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Price: $317.99
Commando Crutches flexible slip resistant tip. Anodized aluminum alloy. Ergonomic shafts and handgrips. Patented memory technology. Sold in pairs.
Price: $317.99
Commando Forearm Crutches flexible slip resistant tip. Anodized aluminum alloy. Ergonomic shafts and handgrips. Patented memory technology. Sold in pairs.
Price: $90.98
Adult forearm crutches, half cuff (pair) is a very well-constructed, durable half cuff forearm crutch made in German style. The entire top part is constructed of a fiber-reinforced polymer giving the cuff and extension significantly more strength and rigidity.
Price: $90.82
Adult forearm crutches, half cuff (pair) is an adult-sized, open cuff (half cuff) forearm crutch with a "soft-touch" grip. The upper section consists of fiber-reinforced polymer plastic mounted on aluminum tubing.
Price: $161.79
Adult folding forearm crutches, fixed 4" full cuff (pair) are crutches featuring a "V-Shaped" cuff opening for quick release. Height adjustable grip to the floor and the cuffs are fixed height at 8 ¾" above grip (22 cm.) The crutches are easy to use.
Price: $107.54
Toddler forearm crutches, half cuff (pair) is a height-adjustable crutch that can extend from 14" to 18". Toddler forearm crutches are designed for children to support their weight.
Price: $114.10
Pediatric forearm crutches, half cuff (pair) is constructed of lightweight and durable aluminum, these forearm crutches are designed to offer a smooth, comfortable fit for users between 3 and 6 ft tall.
Price: $120.98
Youth forearm crutches, half cuff (pair) is height adjustable grip to the floor and grip to cuff. The youth forearm crutches are designed for mobility options for children.
Price: $120.98
Youth forearm crutches, 4" full cuff (pair) is epoxy-coated featuring a V-shaped front opening for quick release. The youth crutches are adjustable in height from floor to grip and grip to cuff.
Price: $114.43
Adult Forearm Crutch Pair 4" cuff soft grip is epoxy-coated height adjustable from grip to floor and grip to top of cuff. It features a soft grip pad to ensure comfort while in use.
Price: $85.20
Forearm crutches for kids are designed with bright, fun and colorful designs to encourage children with their recovery. The kids crutches provides comfort, reliability, and safety for your children. They are angled slightly forward making it easier for your children to walk.
Price: $253.73
Ergobaum 7G Royal Forearm Crutches are designed to avoid adding strain and pain to the hand, wrist, arm and shoulder as the traditional crutch can do.
Price: $54.99
Forearm Crutches allow mobility following injury or surgery without straining the shoulders, arm and wrist, providing a secure, nonslip grip, the hand grip is contoured for comfort, reducing hand and wrist fatigue.

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