Guardian Walker And Accessories

Guardian Walker And Accessories, Youth And Adult Easy Care folding Walkers have a dual folding mechanism that is easy to operate with palms or fingers, making them ideal for those with limited dexterity. Guardian Walkers fold to only 3 3/4 inch for easy and convenient transport.

The Guardian Walkers lightweight aluminum frame with steel cross brace provides durability. Both the Youth and the Adult Guardian Walkers will accommodate all of the offered attachments such as walker  a variety of extensions with rubber wheel and Standard Leg with Glide Brake. We offer a complete line of Add-ons to enhance the walkers, The Walker Pouch, Walker Basket, Walker Basket Clip-On with Plastic Insert Tray, Walker Flip Tray and O2 Tank Carrier for Walkers & Rollators just to name a few.

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