Inflatable Ring Wheelchair Cushion

Inflatable Ring Wheelchair Cushion - Vinyl / Rubber ring donut seat cushion is designed to provide comfort and support when sitting for an extended period. The Inflatable Ring Wheelchair Cushion reduces pressure on back and tail bone; ring-shape comfortably conforms to body contours. Our donut ring cushion is ideal not only for those confined to a wheelchair, but is also ideal after childbirth, for hemorrhoid sufferers or for those with lower back pain.

Inflatable Vinyl ring cushions are constructed of 20 gauge vinyl, while our Inflatable Rubber Ring Donut Seat Cushions are made of durable rubber containing latex with a 200 pound weight capacity. Both the vinyl and rubber inflatable cushions are easy to inflate to desired level of firmness. Vinyl Ring Cushions have a special Robert-style inflation valve and the Rubber Ring Cushions are easily inflatable utilizing a bicycle-style pump. Inflatable ring donut seat cushions for wheelchairs are excellent for home, car, office or special events and fold compactly for storage and travel.
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