Invacare Push To Lock Brake

Invacare Push To Lock Brake - Detachable Arm Wheelchair Brake Mechanisms are essential in safety and stability during transfers to and from the wheelchair.  Push To Lock Brakes are one of the top two most common wheelchair braking systems. As opposed to brakes, which slow a device and help a user control speed, wheelchair locks are designed to keep a wheelchair in " park ". The advantage of using a push to lock braking mechanism is that the system does not interfere with lateral transfers as well as transfers that utilize a sliding board. 

Invacare Push To Lock wheelchair brake is a lever pulled back until the bar is pressed into the tire. This system requires some strength and coordination to properly engage and disengage the lock. More importantly, this system should be used rather than a different mechanism if the client is better able to complete a pull motion to engage the brakes. 151-021-SD / Chrome, 151-121-SD / Chrome, 151-134-SD / Chrome and 151-413-SD / Chrome, 151-433SD / Chrome, 151-435-SD Black and 151-461-SD Chrome Invacare Push To Lock Brakes for Fixed Arm Wheelchairs are easy to replace and an important safety feature.
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