Invacare Walker Attachments

Invacare Walker Attachments - Accessories / Add-Ons add convenience and versatility to your mobile lifestyle while enhancing the safety and the ease of maneuverability of your Walker. Standard Utility Tips offer stability on hard surfaces. Our Glide Covers, Caps,Tips and Ski Glide options replace the walkers rubber tips and help your walker glide easily and smoothly over most surfaces. 

Walker Extensions with Rubber Wheels are available in a variety of styles either with a fixed or swivel wheel, with or without tall extensions legs or brakes. Walker Extensions with Rubber Wheels provide for safety and create easier maneuverability for times of increased mobility needs. When your on the go choose from our many carrying and transporting accessories such as the Walker Pouch, Walker Basket, Walker Basket Tray Insert for organization, Walker Flip Tray and last but not least the Walker Forearm Attachment designed for those who are unable to grip the walker.
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