Laryngoscope Blade Instrument

Laryngoscope Blade Instrument - Standard And Fiber Optic has a satin finish Producing a glare -free blade, enhancing airway visualization and are available in a variety of sizes and makes. The Laryngoscope Blades and their stainless steal construction provide for rugged durability and their lightweight design allows for improved balance and maneuverability. Intense, focused fiber optic light transmission provides cool, obstruction free viewing performance.

Our Laryngoscope Blade Instruments are designed with clinician in mind. Fully compatible with all standard hook-on handles that conform to ASTM (F965) and ISO (7376-1), these Laryngoscope Blades, both standard and fiber optic are the perfect instruments to stock your office or medical facility with for to help improve patient care, safety and staff satisfaction. 
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