Littmann Stethoscopes

For over 30 years, 3M™ Littmann™ stethoscopes have been recognized worldwide as the trusted leader in auscultation technology. Professionals rely on Littmann stethoscopes for their superior acoustics, reliable performance and unsurpassed quality and service.

The 3M Littman Series of stethoscopes are recommended by Cardiologists, Pulmonologists, Nurses, General Practitioners, and Medical Students. The 17 different styles of 3M Littman stethoscopes are the ultimate acoustical stethoscope for accurate auscultation. The patented chest piece of the 3M Littman stethoscope is designed to monitor high and low frequency sounds from either side. These stethoscopes are designed from double lumen tubing, stainless steel chest pieces and come in a variety of colors. All of Ocelco’s stethoscopes are latex free and have a unique design to them.

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