Low Hospital Beds And Attachments

Low Hospital Beds And Attachments are some of the safest bedding options, providing safety and comfort for patients who have difficulty getting in and out of higher hospital beds, and offering protection for those at risk of rolling out of bed. Low beds are often used in nursing homes, hospitals and personal residences, offering easy access for caregivers while also providing a safer bed for patients at risk of fall injuries where bed rails are not always desirable or appropriate, but injuries from falling out of bed are still a concern. 

Low Hospital Beds And Attachments are an invaluable category of hospital equipment for a wide variety of patients. Low beds provide safety and offer a multitude of comfortable positioning options, along with their specialized features such as their low reach and their fall-preventing siding. Allowing patients to place their feet flat on the floor while they are sitting on the edge of the bed with their capability of manually lowering to a significantly shorter height than most hospital beds, considerably decreases the risk of falling from bed.
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