MRI Ear / Eye Protection - Dispenser

MRI Ear And Eye Protection - Dispenser products safely protect pediatric patient's sensitive ears and eyes in the MRI environment, and provide peace and quiet in the NICU. The Neonatal Disposable Noise Guards reduce the surrounding environment noise level by at least 7db, with a reduction in sound pressure of more than 50%.

Our Swirl Earplug Dispenser and Pure Fit Earplug Dispensers are sealed, keeping the earplugs sanitary, and are  disposable and completely recyclable. The Dispenser eliminates the mess of individual paper/polybag packaging. The Earplug Dispensers are affordable enough to be placed near every work area, mounting bracket and hardware are included with every plug dispenser.
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Price: $95.00
Neonatal Noise Guards protect pediatric patients' sensitive ears in the MRI environment.