MRI Patient Comfort Aids

A cost effective and simple comfort measure for patients during a MRI is the use of MRI safe Prism Glasses. These prism glasses allow the patient to see outside the bore of the magnet during the scanning process. Another great product is the MRI safe Claustrophobic Relief Mirror. The claustrophobic relief mirror clips onto your MR system’s table. We also offer the optional foot first mirror that attaches to the claustrophobic relief mirror. For those patients who just don’t want to see at all, we offer a Nylon Sleep Mask or a Cotton Sleep Mask. Both products are available to have your MR logo on them.  We also have a MRI safe Patient Distress Alarm which will notify the technologies when a patient needs attention.  To aid further in comfort for the MRI patient, we offer non skid slippers and a MRI safe pillow.
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