MRI Pediatric Suction Systems

MRI Pediatric Suction System - Accessories / Non-Magnetic mainly for use with sleeping patients, Non-Magnetic MRI Suction Systems keep saliva and other liquids from building up in the patients mouth. A suction machine may be prescribed by your doctor to help remove secretions and mucus from your airways. MRI Pediatric Suction Systems and Accessories may also be needed when you have a moist cough and are unable to effectively clear secretions from the throat.

Du-O-Vac Suction Systems are available with a variety of different wall connections to meet your specific needs such as the DISS Wall Connection, Ohmeda, Chemtron, Puritan Benett, and Hill-Rom Connections. All of our Du-O-Vac Suction Systems have 0-350 mm hg of suctions, 2 each 50 PSI power take offs, 500 ml collection canister with built in filter and are powered by 50 PSI Gas source. Ocelco also offers the Du-O-Vac Plus With Regulator and Flowmeter Suction System with O2 flowmeter and oxygen regulator. To ease mobility, The Du-O-Vac Plus Code Cart With or Without E Cylinder is available. When needed, we also provide Du-O-Vac Suction System Replacement Canisters in a pack of 10.
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