MRI Pediatric Ventilator

MRI Pediatric Ventilator / Valve Diaphragm / Non-Magnetic patient demand systems, MRI compatibility, and other features provide the means to manage respiratory emergencies. The unit's simplicity, portability, and safety make them the ideal choices for emergency ventilation.

Ocelco,Inc offers several MRI Pediatric Ventilators and Valve Diaphragms to choose from. The MRI Compatible Emergency VR1 Ventilator With Regulator And Circuit emergency ventilator is designed for caregivers wherever breathing failure emergencies occur: in hospitals, industrial or commercial setting, transport situations, or remote locations. MRI Compatible BabyPac Ventilator With Integrated Alarms is specially designed to deliver ventilation to small, fragile lungs of patients ranging from neonates through pediatrics up to 20Kg with precision and confidence.
We also offer the MRI Non-Magnetic Disposable Expiratory Valve Diaphragm for Baby Vent in a disposable, single pack.
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Price: $2,690.07
MRI Compatible Emergency VR1 Ventilator w/Regulator and Circuit
Price: $12,266.67
MRI Compatible babyPac Ventilator with Integrated Alarms