PVC Shower/Commode Chair Options

PVC shower commode chair options such as sliding footrest, drop arm and casters. Choose from many other options including lap security bar, double drop arm or privacy skirt. Whether you need seat replacements, commode pails or safety belts for PVC chairs, Ocelco is sure to have the products you are looking for at a price you can afford. Don’t forget to check out our PVC base extensions with casters.
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Price: $26.78
Safety Belt Upgrade, Choose Closure
Price: $27.36
Must order with chair, Only fits Healthline Chairs. Choose from 7 quart or 12 quart pail.
Price: $18.87
Push Handles Upgrade
Price: $47.17
Not for use in the shower. Must be ordered with chair. Only fits Healthline chairs.
Price: $64.15
Drop Arms Upgrade for PVC Chairs
Price: $64.15
Optional Privacy Skirt
Price: $52.83
Adjustable Head Stablizer for Reclineez Shower Chair
Price: $32.57
MJM Deluxe Elongated Open Front Toilet Seat
Price: $49.64
MJM Seat Replacement - Deluxe - Elongated - Closed
Price: $58.82
Replacement Standard Closed Front Seat
Price: $68.63
Replacement Deluxe Elongated Closed Front Seat
Price: $90.20
The vacuum formed seat adds extra support.
Price: $69.75
MJM Seat Replacement - Deluxe - Elongated - with Lid
Price: $65.49
MJM Seat Replacement - Deluxe - Elongated - Open Front Soft Seat
Price: $88.24
Replacement Deluxe Closed Front Soft Seat
Price: $94.34
Soft Seat Upgrade, Choose Style
Price: $46.13
MJM Cushion Backrest with Anti-Bacterial Protection for Reclining Shower Chairs models 193 194 195 196
Price: $37.08
MJM Upgrade to Flatstock Seat for 15" Internal Width Chairs
Price: $18.81
MJM Safety Belt - Adjustable with Heavy-Duty Plastic Buckle for PVC Shower/Commode Chair
Price: $17.87
MJM Safety Belt (adjustable w/heavy duty all plastic buckle) for a 30" internal width shower chair
Price: $27.43
MJM Commode Pail - 10 Qt with Slide on Rails for PVC Shower/Commode Chairs
Price: $65.49
MJM Shoulder / Chest Harness for "100" Series Shower Chairs
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