PVC Toilet Safety Frame / Commode

PVC Toilet Safety Frame / Commode - Adjustable / Fixed Height standalone safety toilet frames / commode chairs prevent falls, providing stability to get up and down from the toilet. Since using the toilet and showering may require a lot of movements, getting some assistance from a sturdy PVC, yet lightweight frame is an excellent choice. Our PVC Toilet Safety Frame / Commodes offer versatility to be used by the bedside and / or as a shower stool along with options such as fixed height or adjustable height, 7 or 12 quart pails, Lids or open seats, and wheels or rubber tips.

PVC Toilet Safety Frames / Commodes are a tool that adds convenience, comfort, and additional safety when using the bathroom. Using the convenient adjustable or fixed height toilet safety frame / commode to steady and hold body weight ensures that one can maintain independence in the home. Seniors, handicap and the disabled who can use the bathroom without needing assistance from a family member or caregiver can enjoy a higher quality of life.
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