Pediatric Bathing Products

Pediatric Bathing Products are designed to help parents and care givers meet the challenge of safely bathing kids who have difficulty sitting independently. In spite of being called bath seats, shower chairs, sling gurneys, Aqua Floats and Rings, the products would be better described as bath supports. 

Pediatric Bathing Product designs can all be quite different, however, they all support the child in the position needed so the care giver is free to do the bathing without being concerned about controlling the child's movements and position. Our pediatric bathing products all have their own unique advantages and are available in multiple sizes offering a wide range of varying support to meet each individuals needs, making it easier for care givers to provide daily hygiene to their patient or loved ones.
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Price: $619.48
Columbia Rolling Shower Chair Base for the Contour Ultima Bath Chair
Price: $48.38
Head Bolster for Series 100 Shower Chair
Price: $206.25
Maddak Childrens Chaise Child Seat