Protective Bed Pad / Wheelchair Pad

Protective Bed Pad And Wheelchair Pad are essential products to have to protect your bedding, chairs and other furniture in the event of an accidental incontinence leakage from diapers, briefs or pads. Tuckables Drawsheets Heavy Incontinence Pads have tuckable wings that eliminate pad movement and bunching, while improving patient comfort and extending the life of the pad. The incontinence pads keep skin drier and promote healthier skin.

The Carefor Deluxe Reusable Quilted Wheelchair Pads offer a 3-layer design and anti-fungal finish. The pads waterproof backing is PVC-coated polyester and the entire pad is bound with waterproof binding. These washable reusable under-pads are a great choice for individuals with incontinence. The designer print designs camouflage stains and are quilted for higher comfort.

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