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Roho Wheelchair Cushions

ROHO Wheelchair Cushions

ROHO Wheelchair Cushions

ROHO wheelchair cushions provide the pressure relief needed by wheelchair bound patients. ROHO’s unique design allows the ROHO seat cushion to constantly adjust to a client’s body movement. The adjustment and conformity of the cells accommodate and meet the one-of-a-kind skin integrity needs for each client throughout the day.

Air is all around us, but what we do with it makes a world of difference. The soft, flexible, interconnected air cells that constitute ROHO® DRY FLOATATION® wheelchair air cushions provide a customized fit to your sitting or lying shape. As your body position and shape changes, your ROHO wheelchair cushion adjusts creating a safe and comfortable seating surface.

The ROHO group became concerned about a means to heal ischemic ulcers or pressures sores, as they are commonly called. Through intense research and development they invented ROHO DRY FLOATATION technology, named such because ROHO wheelchair air cushions mimic the properties of water, in a dry, air-fluid environment. This technology has been proven in countless clinical studies to assist in effectively healing as well as preventing pressure sores. 

The soft, flexible, interconnected air cells that comprise ROHO wheelchair cushions are adjustable to provide a customized fit to a client's sitting or lying shape. As an individual's body shape changes, the ROHO seat cushion adjusts to facilitate blood flow.

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Please note that if you purchase a ROHO seat cushion with the dual valve option that is a customized cushion and is NON-RETURNABLE.

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Price: $241.80
Price: $131.47
ROHO LTV Seat Cushions are made of individual, interconnected air cells that allow air to evenly distribute body weight pressure.
Price: $458.15
Roho has designed a whole new concept to go into Quadtro Select Cushion. The ISOFLO Memory Control offers new shape fitting capabilities. This is very easy for the user to adjust and can even be done well sitting.
Price: $438.10
ROHO Low Profile Cushion with 2" cells offers active users protection against skin breakdown. The Roho Low Profile Cushion is one of the leading protectors against skin ulcers, skin breakdown, & skin irritation.
Price: $431.00
ROHO Hybrid Elite Wheelchair Cushions offer advanced skin protection and shape-matching ability that ROHO is known for.
Price: $73.47
Standard Cover
Price: $47.55
ROHO Planar Solid Seat Inserts provide a solid base for use with ROHO cushioning products.

The Science Behind ROHO

ROHO is the worldwide leader of seating solutions that prevent and treat pressure ulcers (formerly referred to as decubitus ulcers). ROHO’s technology provides skin protection and positioning in a variety of applications: from wheelchair cushions, to therapeutic mattresses, to wheelchair backs and more.

ROHO Benefits

ROHO’s innovative products deliver life-changing benefits, offering comfort and protection to people relying on wheelchairs for mobility. ROHO is the pioneer of air-cell based cushions, and created DRY FLOATATION TECHNOLOGY®, mimicking the pressure-relieving properties of water. With over 1 million ROHO products in use in over 80 countries worldwide, you can be confident in recommending ROHO products. Plus, all ROHO products are backed by an unmatched level of clinical evidence from leading researchers around the world.

ROHO Wheelchair Cushion Treatments

With the increasing focus on patient outcomes and safety, ROHO’s established technology is paramount in treating the over 2.5 million patients suffering pressure ulcers annually and reducing the $11 billion in annual healthcare cost for the treatment of pressure ulcers.

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