Smart Caregiver Fall Prevention

Smart Caregiver Fall Prevention Monitors

Preventing falls among older adults is a growing concern. According to the Centers for Disease and Control (CDC), each year, one in every three adults age 65 and older falls and over 2 million will be treated in an emergency room. Early notification to a caregiver when a resident is about to get up or wander can help prevent falls. With the use of a wheelchair fall alarm system, when the alarm sounds, caregivers can quickly go to the aid of a patient before they are at risk.

Ocelco specializes in fall monitor alarms for caregivers monitoring residents and or loved ones. Help prevent falls and wandering in your facility or home with Smart Caregiver Fall Prevention Monitors. Our fall prevention products are designed to help caregivers eliminate falls with early notification that a person is at a fall risk. Caregivers can attend to that person and assist them before a fall occurs. Smart Caregiver fall monitors specialize in all aspects of seniors fall prevention products and mobility monitoring, anti-wandering and quiet facility solutions. Fall prevention products include: fall prevention alarms for seniors, pull-string fall exit alarm monitors, weight sensing pressure pads for wheelchairs. Weight sensing chair mat pads, wheelchair seat belt fall monitors, caregiver paging systems, anti-wandering door systems and motion sensor fall prevention monitors.
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Price: $39.92
Smart Non-Magnet Pull-String Fall Monitor Alarm with Seperation Switch
Price: $39.92
Pull-String Monitors reduce falls by alerting staff when resident attempts to depart from their chair or bed.
Price: $49.92
Smart "Unbreakable" Pull-String Fall Monitor with Magnet Switch
Price: $49.92
Smart Economy Fall Prevention Monitor with Adjustable Tone and Volume Control for Bed, Chair and Floor Mats
Price: $59.92
Smart Fall Alarms use bed fall alarm pads, chair fall alarm pads, floor mat fall alarms, or seat belt fall alarms with both an audible and visual alert.
Price: $69.92
Smart Safety Auto-Reset Fall Prevention Monitor with Voice, Adjustable Tone, Volume and Delay for Bed, Chair and Floor Mats
Price: $18.25
Smart 45-Day Pressure Pad for Chair - 7" x 14"
Price: $24.92
Smart 90-Day Pressure Pad for Chair - 7" x 15"
Price: $39.92
Smart Silver-Lining, 1-year Pressure Pad for Chair - 10" x 15"
Price: $77.07
Smart Pressure-Sensing Straight Wheelchair Cushion with Alarm Function
Price: $27.33
Smart Seat Belt Alarm System