Smart Pull-String Monitor

Smart Pull-String Monitor - Magnetic / Separation Switch monitors are safety devices that assist with fall prevention of your patients to protect their safety. The Non-Magnetic Pull String Alarm option does not feature a magnet, this equipment is specifically designed for patients that have a pacemaker. This alarm will not interfere with magnet-sensitive equipment, and although the device does not function through a magnet, it still provides the safety of a traditional pull-string alarm.

Our Smart Full-Featured Pull-String Monitor With Magnetic Switch is durable, as the outer foam cover allows for a shock resistant soft outer shell allowing for soft impact when dropped. The monitor alerts right away - once the magnet is moved the alarm is sounded right away. This monitor attaches with a simple clip or velcro strap.The Smart "Unbreakable" Pull-String Fall Monitor with Magnet Switch is a great product option for any facility that is looking for an affordable and more durable alternative to the standard pull string.
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Price: $39.92
Smart Non-Magnet Pull-String Fall Monitor Alarm with Seperation Switch
Price: $39.92
Pull-String Monitors reduce falls by alerting staff when resident attempts to depart from their chair or bed.
Price: $49.92
Smart "Unbreakable" Pull-String Fall Monitor with Magnet Switch