Specialty Walkers

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Price: $219.99
Upright Walkers eliminate tension in the shoulders and neck and allows users to look forward, the handles easily adjust for a customized fit and include loop hand brakes for assisting in navigating inclines and securely lock the wheels in place.
Price: $312.86
Deluxe New Era Outrigger Motivational Walkers has a structural frame that is held in place with high tensile strength stainless steel bolts. No Fittings. The resting back section and seat comes with Soft Touch Vinyl straps to facilitate cleaning and disinfecting between patient use.
Price: $144.03
Stander EZ Fold N Go Walkers are the worlds most lightweight and portable walkers on the market today.
Price: $88.77
List Price: $118.00
You Save: $29.23 (25%)
Price: $3,814.69
Rise and Go Walkers are ideal for users that need extra support and assistance when standing or walking. Bure Rise and Go walkers are electrically powered.

Price: $681.82
Dolomite Alpha Advanced walkers have support for patients forced to use the strength from the upper body parts and forearms to be able to walk.
Price: $681.82
Dolomite Alpha Basic Walkers are solutions giving added support for gait training, arthritis, orthopedic needs, after surgery.