Toilet Seat Risers with Arms

Buy Raised Toilet Seats with Arms or without Arms. Raises your toilet seat height for easier sitting and standing. Designed for those who have difficulty sitting down or getting up from a standard toilet. Great for those with arthritis, mobility problems, or total hip replacement patients. Available with or without arms in many styles and shapes, padded, plastic, adjustable height, and many more. Economy one piece molded seats work great for travel and are universal to fit most toilet seats. Raised Toilet Seat heights very, we offer a variety to fit your needs and price range, pick the best fit for your needs. Some Toilet Seat Risers clamp on for extra security and stability. Moen locking elevated toilet seat is ADA compliant and raises the seat 4 ½”. Lumex Padded Multi-position, open front, Padded Raised Toilet Seat can be angled for maximum comfort.
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