Toileting Products - Shower / Commode

Toileting Products - Shower / Commode - PVC Pediatric Chairs by MJM International Incorporated are health-grade, and reinforced at all stress related areas, structurally designed with 30% more security ( four stainless steel bolts on commode seat ). All casters have threaded stem for extra security and safety, casters will not fall or pull out with normal use. 

All PVC Shower / Commode toileting chair models fit over standard height toilet seats and come in a variety of sizes with upgrades and options. Our standard pediatric shower / commode chairs are offered with open front seats, flat stock seats with drain holes or reducer seats, we have a folding, open front seat shower / commode option as well as a PVC Reclining Shower / Commode Pediatric Chair with an open front seat and leg extension. All MJM Toileting Shower / Commode Chairs are offered in your choice of Royal blue, Forest Green or Mauve with custom sizes and configurations available upon request.
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