Transfer Shower Chair - PVC Slider

Transfer Shower Chair - PVC Slider Shower / Commode Chair assists care givers when transferring patients increasing safety and stability for patients and eliminating back breaking transfers for care givers. The PVC Slider Shower / Commode Transfer Chairs eliminate expensive roll in bathroom shower renovations and bathroom transfers without losing access to the bathtub for other family members.

PVC Transfer Benches - Low Back offer your choice between durable blow-molded plastic bench or comfortable cushioned seat and backrest. Transfer Slider Shower / Commode Chair easily works with any standard built-in tub or commode. Simply roll the chair into position next to the tub and interlock to the tub frame side rails, the entire seat easily slides over the tub. Tilt-N-Space Slider Shower / Transfer Chair - 4-Pin Locking System and the Tilt-N-Space Slider Shower / Commode Chair - One-Step Function Locking System chairs sliding seat can function from either side, eliminating the need to transfer to another chair, along with a total locking caster system which will lock both rotation and axle from moving to assist caregivers.
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