Trapeze Equipment

Hospital Bed Trapeze Equipment Uses

Hospital Trapeze equipment is designed to offer reliable assistance for moving, raising and lowering the body while in bed, a hospital bed trapeze helps those who are confined to bed get in and out of bed more easily, and to change positions. Also known as a medical trapeze or overhead trapeze, this specialized medical equipment typically consists of some type of hanging bar, such as a triangle shape, to allow users to grab the bar in order to shift their bodies.

Because people who are bedridden generally have some kind of weakness, disability or impediment to full mobility, trapezes can provide effective and secure assistance that allows users more independence. Hospital trapeze equipment enables those confined to bed the ability to move around or more securely transfer in and out of bed on their own, or to minimize the help they do require from a caregiver.

While the most common usage for medical bed trapeze equipment is to provide heightened mobility and leverage for a bedridden patient, it is also often utilized for physical therapy and rehabilitation purposes to help strengthen the torso, arms and upper body.
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