Wall, Desk Top, Mobile Sphygmomanometers

Ocelco has 8 styles of Sphygmomanometers they are the Diagnostic E-Sphyg 2 Wall Mount Model, the Diagnostic E-Sphyg2 Desk Model, the Diagnostic E-Sphyg 2 Mobile Model, Legacy Wall-Mounted Clock Aneroid, Legacy Mobile Clock Aneroid, Legacy Desktop Mercurial, Legacy Wall-Mounted Mercurial, and the Legacy Mobile Mercurial. These Sphygmomanometers are latex free and determine your blood pressure reading. All 3 Sphygmomanometers have LCD displays, dual measurement mode, safe, no mercury, and clinical proven accuracy. The Legacy Series Sphygmomanometers include all the necessary mounting hardware, latex free, 8' coiled tubing and a locking device for the mercury reservoir prevents the mercury from spilling during transportation.

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