Wedge Seat Cushion

Wedge Seat Cushion - Foam Seat Cushion For Wheelchairs are designed to create a comfortable sitting surface that helps prevent patient from sliding forward and discourages slouching and maximizes sitting tolerance. Constructed of foam, the wedge cushion is light and varies widely in stiffness and density, and is covered with a fitted tight, non stretch fabric. Proper stiffness, density and resilience help ensure adequate support and an effective lifespan.

Foam wheelchair seat cushions absorb impact loads well, so it can help absorb the shock of going over bumps or obstacles. The wedge cushions for wheelchairs come with ties for securing to the back of the chair and are universal to fit most standard adult 18-inch and narrow adult 16-inch wheelchairs and available in varying heights. It is important to protect your wedge cushion from moisture and light to prolong the life of your cushion, we offer and array of colors to choose from.
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