Weekly Pill Reminder / Organizer

Weekly Pill Reminder / Organizer Storage Containers allow medication to be scheduled four-times-a-day with their 28 compartments imprinted with morning, noon, evening and bedtime for one week of medication. Weekly Pill Reminder Containers make it easy to organize your pills as each of the 28 pill reminder compartments is printed with the day of the week and the time of the day on each compartment to prevent accidental over dose or accidentally forgetting to take your required dose at the appropriate time. 

Weekly Pill Reminders / Organizer Storage Containers have organizer trays that hold each removable 1-Day Pill Reminder in a handy storage container available in an array of colors and sizes. These Weekly Pill Reminder Organizers offer the convenience of loading an entire week at once and taking daily doses in your pocket or purse when traveling away from home.
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